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Restaurant in GERARDMER: The P'tite Sophie - chic bistrot

A chic and cosy "bistrot-style" restaurant in the heart of the Vosges

Created in April 2014, the P'tite Sophie restaurant in Gérardmer embodies the mischievous spirit and creativity of chef Hervé Cune in a warm and cosy ambiance. Its "gourmet-bistro" menu is put together by the starred-chef of the Jardins de Sophie, and carried out by Jean Frederic Leonhard, chef of this chic bistrot. We find fresh, quality, seasonal products with, among others, the "blanquette de veau" or veal stew, beef tartar or the fresh farm chicken egg which is given a place of pride, ...


Useful information to discover our restaurant in Gérardmer

SEE OUR MENU The P'tite Sophie restaurant is open every day except Sunday evenings and Mondays. Lunch is served from 12 to 2 pm, dinner from 7 to 9 pm. Contact and reservations: : 0033 329 41 76 96 /

In the town-centre of Gérardmer, 40 Rue Charles de Gaulle, 88400 Gérardmer.



Our Chef, Jean Fréderic Leonhard, a gifted chef :

Born in Alsace in the small town of Niedermodern, Jean Fréderic is at the age of 16 at the European Center for Vocational Training and Promotion by Alternance for the Hotel Industry (CEFPPA), located in Illkirch-Graffenstaden in a field that he is passionate about : the kitchen !
He starts his professional experience in a house with a reputation already forged: Chez Madame Anne Ernwein, member of the Etoilés d'Alsace, Club Prosper Montagné, Chef Chef de France from 2007 at the gourmet restaurant A l'Agneau in Pfaffenhoffen. He will be awarded his Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnelle in cooking in 2009. So passionate and so eager to learn and practice his new know-how, he will also spend his free time at the same time as his different trainings until 2012 .
Of a competitor nature, Jean Frédéric participates in the competitions of the Jardin des Délices at the European fair of Strasbourg in 2008 and 2009 and wins the silver medal.
In 2010, Jean Fréderic trained at the pastry-chocolate master Daniel Rebert in Wissembourg Relais Dessert International, and obtained his baccalauréat in cooking at the end of his apprenticeship.
Jean Frédéric continues his training in Strasbourg with Messrs. André Schott and Philippe Volck, Master pastry maker-confiseur-glacier-chocolatier at the Kubler pastry shop, one of the most illustrious pastries in Strasbourg, in 2011 and earns his complementary cookery dessert. In the same year he took part in the first competition of contemporary cooking in Colmar, chaired by Olivier Nasti (sacred Best Worker of France in 2007) and won the 2nd prize.
Jean Frédéric took off in Jakarta, Indonesia, from Gilles Marx at Amuz Gourmet Restaurant as a clerk. He successfully chains the various houses such as the Palace Les Airelles in Courchevel with the chef David Millet, The Pan Dei Palace Relais and Castle near the head Renaud Capelle and climbs naturally in step.
In August 2014, he moved closer to his native region and packed his suitcases at the Sophie's Gardens in Xonrupt Longemer with Chef Hervé Cune, a virtuoso of local gastronomy. Chef Cune gives him his confidence, and puts it at the controls of his bistronomic restaurant La P'tite Sophie in October 2016 in the heart of Gérardmer. They develop the cards together and Jean Frédéric brings his personal touch focused on the originality and the association of exotic flavors inspired by his personal journeys.